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The Language portal 

is simple

English Conversation

The Language Portal is a simple way to practice your english conversation skills with a trained educator on your time.

One on one training and practice time, feedback on your results, customized to your age, skill level, goals and schedule.

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ESL Courses Calgary

"I am honored to be a part of the English teaching world."

- Sarah Burchnall

The Language Portal Owner and Educator, Sarah Burchnall, welcomes you.

I was born in Calgary, AB, and spent my childhood living in Maracaibo, Venezuela. During my 8 years in Venezuela, I came to love the culture, the food, the people and being able to experience it all in their language.

After we moved back to Canada in the year 2000, I had the opportunity to live and experience another culture. Having lived in two very distinct but equally beautiful countries has formed who I am today and has given me perspective.

While in Canada, I met my husband, Jaime who is from Colombia. Living with Jaime has also been a journey into a new culture. We have two children: Milo and Sophia.

After working in a few different fields. I realized my true passion was in teaching and specifically working with the English Language. After my son was born, I started working as an English-Spanish Translator/Interpreter.

I was working as an Interpreter for WCB Alberta (Worker’s Compensation Board), helping injured workers communicate with their medical teams. As a translator I worked closely with immigration consultants meeting newcomers to Canada helping them form their Canadian dream!

Working closely with people trying to learn English furthered my desire to become an ESL Teacher. I completed my TESOL/TESL certification and started my journey into what has become an incredibly rewarding career.

I have worked with the Canadian Armed Forces with the Canadian, American and British armies in simulation exercises at an Alberta Military Base. In 2015, we moved to Medellin, Colombia, and I taught at the Colombian Technical Institution (SENA) and the Colombian National Police Academy.

Most recently, I have been working with a completely new and innovative style of teaching by providing online conversation courses. This has led to the creation of my own online language school, a place where I can create a community with my students and help them learn in a way that suits their needs.

ESL Courses Calgary

"Learning English created endless opportunities for me."

- Partner and Educator, Iris Burchnall

I was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela. As a young girl I dreamed of travelling and learning about other cultures and languages. Eventually, I earned my Bachelor of Education degree in Modern Languages from the University of Zulia. I majored in English and French language teaching.

Learning to speak English opened the door to the outside world for me. My first experience abroad was a trip to the United States where I made friends with people from many different countries. I was amazed at how universal the English language is. I became obsessed with perfecting my English communication skills.

I began teaching English to students of all ages in different schools while longing for my next travel opportunity. Teaching English was very rewarding. I loved giving my students an introduction to the English language and culture.

During this period, fate intervened. I met my husband who was working in Venezuela at the time. He was a Canadian expatriate and soon after our marriage I moved to Canada to start our family. I loved every aspect of Canadian culture.

After my children were born, we moved back to Venezuela where I taught at an American International School. Eventually, we returned to Canada where I worked periodically helping others who struggled with the English Language. I served as a Translator/Interpreter for newcomers to Canada.

After our children grew up, I realized that I missed teaching so I obtained my TESOL/TESL certification. Most recently, I fulfilled a lifelong dream of travelling while doing what I love most. I completed a one-year contract at an International School in Nitra, Slovakia as an English teacher.

Now, I am very excited to start teaching in a new and innovative way providing my students with a dynamic learning experience!